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When I ordered my Ivermectin from India and it never came in, I thought I would give Ezra Healing a try. I found the ordering process very easy and the Nurse helped me with dosing. The order arrived to me within 5 business days and now I refer to all my family and friends. Thanks Ezra for the reliable service
Nicole W
Kanora Ontario
When I got Covid last winter I thought I was dying. I texted Ezra Healing and they go back to me within hours. They helped me figure out how much Ivermectin I needed to take. I had the ivermectin in my mail box in 2 days. After taking the Ivermectin for just 3 days, I felt alive again. Thanks Ezra Healing
Dustin R
Nelson BC
My elderly Father was sick in the hospital and I felt the hospital staff was ignoring my Dad because he had terminal cancer and wasn’t vaccinated. I was so frustrated and tried to speak with the doctors and nursing staff about my concerns. They didn’t seem to care. So I called Ezra Healing and had Nurse Svetlana fly into Edmonton and help us at the Misicordia Hospital. She knew how to talk to the medical staff and was able to get the attention my Dad needed and deserved. I recommended anyone who needs advocacy to call Ezra Healing
Linda P
Edmonton, Alberta
I was addicted to alcohol for 10 years. I developed this addiction after my daughter died and I needed to cope with my emotional pain. My world spiraled out of control and someone suggested mushrooms instead of alcohol. So I called up Ezra Healing after my friend suggested it and had a consultation with a Nurse. We had a great talk about my grief. I ordered the Ezra Healing brand of the mushrooms and they came soon in the mail. I was able to transition from my daily red wine to mushrooms and deal with my grief better. I am so grateful to the Healers at Ezra for understanding me
Randy H
Regina Sask
I was really on the fence about vaccines after the government started pushing the Covid19 vaccine in 2021. I had always believed in vaccinating my children because that’s what my doctor told me. I really needed someone to talk to about it so I called up Ezra Healing and booked an appointment with a Nurse to discuss my concerns. I found Nurse Samantha to be very open and non judgmental. She helped me to understand more about the possible dangers and long term side affects of vaccines. It’s now been 2 year where I haven’t vaccinated my 13 year old daughter and she has never been SO healthy. Thank Ezra for helping my child” A Concerned Mama Bear
Hello Ezra healers. Your Ivermectin saved my life! The flu I had was worse than any flu I ever had in my life. Yes, I would like to get more of your Ivermectin. Please tell me how much and where to send my e-transfer to. Thanks so much - Neb.
British Columbia
After waiting 3 weeks to see my Family Doctor, I decided to connect with Ezra Healing. I was able to book a private one hour appointment with a Nurse. At first I thought $150/hr was really expensive, but after the phone call I was so much more clear about my current medical conditions. No doctor had every spent the time with me going over my diabetes and high blood pressure, they just pushed more pills. It was the best money I had ever spent.

George W
Vancouver BC
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