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About Svetlana

Svetlana is a former Canadian Registered Nurse of 24 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of British Columbia. Her extensive experience working in the Canadian Healthcare system includes ICU/ER, Public Health, University Education and Primary Health Care. Svetlana has worked closely with the many healthcare professionals that make up a healthcare team. Her passion is to empower people with winning solutions to common and complex health challenges. Pivoting from public healthcare to the private sector has allowed Svetlana to offer even better solutions to the general public. She is a strong advocate and public speaker bringing awareness to the deep corruption in the current Canadian Healthcare system. After being terminated from her position as a competent Primary Care Nurse from the Christina Lake, BC, Medial Clinic, for refusing the covid19 vaccine, she started Ezra Healing as a response to the crimes against humanity currently being implemented by the government. Bringing light to the medical corruption and offering solutions, she and her team will help build the new Wellness Paradigm which is long overdue.

We believe in a quality products that truly help people.

All of our products are health based and are designed to help you heal.

Our Mission is to Heal

Our Mission

There may come a point where you or your loved ones are looking for private alternative wellness options. Where you are excited to discover that there are professionals with extensive experience who listen to what you are saying and value how you are feeling. Understanding that all parts of the body work together and are not broken up into separate systems, we consider this fact when designing a personalized plan of action for you. Ezra healing belleves that where you put your attention, is where you put your energy. Our bodies are brilliant creations capable of healing themselves with proper interventions. With personalized wellness coaching and a line-up of ezra supplements, we are here to help you restore your mind & body back to optimal balance.

Our team

Leslie C. Thompson


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Melissa F. Adams

Marketing Head

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Product Design

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